The UGESCO project will be realized by an interdisciplinary team of Flemish and Walloon researchers and is supported by a specific Federal Scientific Institution, which hosts the collections on which the spatio-temporal enrichment and crowdsourced metadata strategy will be implemented. As shown in the figure below, the collaborative research process/workflow ensures controlled innovation. People with different backgrounds and expertise will join forces to conduct the interdisciplinary collection research. On the one hand, the participation of research groups in the domains of geographic, metadata, crowdsourcing and linguistic research ensures the technical quality of the platform’s building blocks. On the other hand, the participation of CegeSoma, i.e. the FSI which will test/evaluate each of the building blocks on its collection, ensures the valorisation and utilization of the platform for the sector.



IDLab, ELIS department, UGent
Prof. Steven Verstockt (coordinator), Prof. Sofie Van Hoecke, Kenzo Milleville, Dilawar Ali, (Samnang Nop),

Algemeen Rijksarchief en het Rijksarchief in de provinciën (OD4) – Studie- en Documentatie-centrum Oorlog en Hedendaagse Maatschappij
Florence Gillet, Mathieu Roeges,,  

Information and Communication Science department (ULB)
Prof. Seth Van Hooland, Ettore Rizza,

CARTOGIS, Department of Geography (UGent)
Prof. Philippe De Maeyer, Prof. Nico Van de Weghe, (Tim Baert),

ITEC – KU Leuven, Faculteit Letteren, Campus Kulak Kortrijk (KUL)
Prof. Piet Desmet, Hans Paulussen, Frederik Cornillie