Related work

Aquaterra collects, manages and processes geo-data (including mobile mapping), and realizes cartography projects (city plans, recreational maps, …). You can interactively view their collection at Back To the Map.
link: Back to the Map

Ajapaik has 103102 historic pictures, out of which 59052 pictures have been put on the map by 7342 users and 5277 rephotographs for 4851 pictures made by 178 users. In this interactive platform you can search historic view pictures from Estonian museums’ collections and curating selected images to Ajapaik, geotag pictures from places you are familiar with and rephotograph the historic views from places you visit.
link: Ajapaik

Online digital Archives

De Duitse negatieven (en: The German negatives) is an online collection where you can search for Belgian artistic heritage that was photographed in 1917 and 1918. The images are linked to the Royal Institute of Art’s database, BALaT, containing more than 700 000 downloadable photos.
link: De Duitse Negatieven

CEGESOMA, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Society, is the Belgian centre of excellence for the history of 20th century conflicts. It carries out research, organises public events and holds document collections. Pallas allows the reader to search the archives, the library and the audiovisual collections of Cegesoma with a few mouse clicks.
link: Cegesoma Archief: Pallas